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Coffee Break Teleseminar 

Five Most Common Mistakes

Exhibitors Make at Consumer Shows

Tuesday, April 14th. 10:00 AM-10:30 AM
Presented by Ruth Fell Failer
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    New CEIR Report Quantifies the Cost Effectiveness of Exhibitions

    The Cost Effectiveness of Exhibition Participation reveals that companies save an average of 79 percent when they make a first face-to-face contact with a potential customer at an exhibition versus in the field.
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    Ruth Fell Failer
    5 Tips for Qualifying Buyers

    #1 Spend Quality time in worthwhile conversations with buyers

    #2 Don't be afraid to walk away from unqualified prospects

    #3 Listen 80% of the time and talk 20%

    #4 Don't drag people in from the aisle to get a "free gift"

    #5 Teach in Your Demonstrations

    Why Qualify? See Below

    Less Is More


    "It is so slow!", "There is no one at the show", "I am wasting my time".


    Does this sound familiar to you?


    How many times have you noticed sales staff allowing the number of people attending a trade show to negatively affect the way they approach visitors at the show or how they behave in their booth? Recently I've seen more exhibitors reading the newspaper or talking on their cell phones or to each other in the booth than ever before.


    As an exhibit manager, you can change their focus away from the quantity to the quality of attendees.  Because the good news is: Exhibit Managers are Finding Less Really is More.


    Exhibit managers, Show organizers and Buyers are choosing the best shows that make them the most amount of money for their company.


    Buying companies aren't sending everyone and their cousin to every trade show. There are now more qualified buyers walking the show than ever before.

    Organizers can save marketing dollars by targeting the ideal exhibitors and attendees for their shows


    Prepare your team -- fewer people means fewer "lookie loos" and more qualified buyers.


    Now is the time to capitalize on each person who walks toward your booth.

             Qualify.          Approach.         Follow up.


    While your competitors are on their cell phones with their backs turned from the aisle you and your staff are approaching and engaging qualified buyers and making the connections that will lead to more sales.  And they'll be able to spend a bit more time with each qualified buyer, so they can gather more of the information they'll need for smart and effective follow up.

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    Chances are that the attendee walking toward your booth is a potential customer, are you prepared to make them your next customer? 


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