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Ruth is Released From Jail!

Handcuff Your Customers!

Don't Give-up: Follow-up

    Jailbird Ruth-guilty

    Ruth is Released from Jail.


    On February 25th a paddy wagon arrived, brought her to Outback Steakhouse and placed her behind bars for good. She was helping to raise funds for "Jerry's Kids" to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). 

    I would like to thank those who contributed to my bail. I raised over $500.00. It was impressive to see among others, the local police and fire department taking part as inmates.  The event raised over $26,000 dollars that day for the cause. I learned a lot about the association, enjoyed Outback Steakhouse chow and had a great time meeting my fellow jailbirds.   

    Contributions are still available for the next 30 days on:
    Ruth in Handcuffs

    Handcuff Your Customers!


    Maybe I do get  a little carried away, don't let your prospective customers get away. Do you attend trade shows and other networking events, collect business cards, bring them back to the office, and then let them pile up on your desk until the next function - when you do the same exact thing over again?

    Not following up on leads is like sending money down the drain!  That's why it's amazing that more than 80 percent of all sales leads are never followed up on, and more than 40 percent of salespersons don't send any information to the prospect until after they've made a purchase.

    In this, and upcoming issues of the Tips of the Trade newsletter, you'll find many of the best strategies for making sure your company follows up with qualified attendees, and turning many of them into loyal customers.

    Remember - Post-show follow up begins before the show. 

    To see pre-show follow up tips click here or the photo of handcuffs (above)

    Ruth in cuffs with officer

    Don't  Give-up: Follow-up!

    Five Tips To Get You Started:

    1. Keep in touch with prospects and customers at least once a month

    2. Use a variety of media to follow up

    3. Send a bump in the envelope

    4. Follow up to continue developing the relationship without regard to what you may want to sell your contact.

    5. Offer your contacts a sneak preview of your products so that they feel exclusive

    Look for more follow-up strategies in our next newsletter.

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