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Tips For Determining Your Trade Show Budget

Pre-Show Tips

More Sales: Target Your Market Before The Show

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Tips for Determining Your Trade Show Budget:

For your first-time exhibiting at a show

An easy rule-of-thumb for figuring out the budget of a show you haven't exhibited in before:   Exhibit space expenses are about one-third of your total trade show costs. Keep that in mind when your boss asks you to quickly determine your budget for the next show.  You can quickly estimate your expenses by multiplying the cost of your exhibit space by three.  That's because exhibit space rental costs are responsible for around a third of your total trade show budget.  For your very first show, remember your costs will be higher since you will have initial booth display costs and consulting that you can amortize over many similar shows.


For a show you have exhibited before

If you have exhibited at this show before:  Use your past experience to help budget for your next trade show.   Take last year's fees and multiply by 10%.  This will give you a quick budget for next year's show. 

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Booth cost is 28% of total show budget

Tips for Determining Your Trade Show Budget continued-

For the familiar show, be sure to consider your success of the previous shows as a guide for including additional marketing or assistance in the budget for the up-coming shows.

Note:  If the show has changed locations, add the difference in travel costs from the previous year. 

 Pre Show Tips:

1. Get feedback from your sales support staff when stating the show objectives

2. Order supplies early to avoid late charges or at show charges

3. Before the show, set up your booth and arrange the artwork,    display, and show materials,

4. Take pictures of the booth set up. Bring photos to the show

5. Always have your own shipping labels printed out prior to the   show.  

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Ruth Fell Failer
Ruth Fell Failer

For More Sales:                

Target Your Market Before The Show

The Center for Exhibit Industry Research reports that more than three-quarters of all attendees have planned an agenda before they go to a show.  This only makes sense, when, as CEIR research has shown, during a two-day show, attendees will only be able to get to a couple dozen booths, and spend no more than 15 minutes at each booth.  How can you make sure your booth is on your prospects' "must-see" list?  Through creative and frequent pre-show marketing!

 Exhibitors who have pre show promotions see a 33 percent increase in the number of attendees who'll stop by their booths (according to CEIR).

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Target Your Market Before The Show continued-


Getting more qualified visitors to your booth is key to increasing the number of leads and sales you'll make. And since you've put so much time, energy, and money into making your booth display inviting, why wouldn't you take this all-important step?

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