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Do You Know What Your Booth Staffers Are Doing When You Are Away?

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Boothmanship Tips: We Seem to Forget

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Trick or Treat?  You Decide

(Do   you know what your booth staffers are doing while you are away?) 

Wouldn’t it be terrifying if your staff frightened potential customers from even entering your booth?  Wouldn’t it be thrilling if that same staff had show attendees flocking to your booth?  Your staff’s attitude and behavior can have a huge impact on attendees’ first impressions – and that can mean a huge difference in the number of qualified leads and quantity of sales generated from your booth. 

Make sure your staff is knowledgeable and excited about the best practices for Boothmanship.  Provide them with professional guidance and training, and ensure your company sees a higher return on your trade show investment.  Training will convince your staff that you are serious about having a money-making show.  Providing treats (in other words, paying them) for their learning experience will encourage your employees to retain and apply what they learn.

Morale-boosting – Your employees will know that you value them and their time, so they’ll be more open to learning new things and more likely to share what they learn with their coworkers when they return to the office.

Increased employee retention and recruiting – You want to hire and keep employees who are interested in bettering themselves and adding more value to your business.   Offering valuable training programs on an ongoing basis will help you attract and keep valuable employees.

The Tips of the Trade cauldron is filled with a brew of engaging workshops which will place a professional spell on your booth staff.  To learn more about interactive workshops on Boothmanship and more visit

See Below for 5 tips on the Best Practices in Boothmanship.

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Boothmanship Tips; we already know, but seem to forget…

Tip# 1 Smile and stand up straight. Your appearance communicates a lot about you. A smile is a welcome invitation to enter into a conversation. Standing up straight, shows that you are confident, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Tip# 2 Have mints (not gum) in the booth to take care of trade show breath.

Tip# 3 Leave the booth when fatigued

Tip# 4 Don’t Gossip. There is a good chance at annual trade shows everyone knows each other. Be above it all or it may cost you a client.

Tip#5 Build rapport with target prospects. Leave them with a desire to want to do business with you after the show.

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