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Two Eyes, Two Ears, One Mouth - Qualifying Buyers Part II

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Ruth Fell Failer

Two Eyes, Two Ears, One Mouth - Qualified Buyers Part II

In the last newsletter, we looked at the best ways to initiate a relationship with potential customers, and determine which of them are qualified buyers.  We talked about asking open-ended questions as a way of beginning a conversation that may turn into a sales relationship.  In this follow-up article, we'll explore the importance of follow-up questions.

If you've engaged the customer with your opening questions, you'll then be able to ask more probing questions which will show the buyer you want to know more about what interests them, hence answering the question WIIFM (what's in it for me). To see examples of relationship building follow-up questions click here.

Want to re-read the first article? Click here to read Part I: Qualifying Buyers1

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Best Tips for Effective Trade Show Follow-Up

  • Prepare follow-up letter or telephone templates before you leave for the show
  • Gather and document qualifying information on each contact
  • Begin contacting your leads the morning after the event ends
  • Set aside a specific time every day until you've completed your follow-up
  • Schedule your next type of follow-up - from e-newsletter to direct product sample or offer -- within two weeks after the initial follow-up.
People do business with people not companies. Follow-up is the personal touch that encourages loyalty and commitment from other people.  Following-up today will insure more customers tomorrow and put you ahead of your competition.

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Scott and Failer TS2

The TS2 Report

My head was spinning. I attended the TS2 (Total Solutions) convention --what a great experience!

Listening to the opening Key Note presentation, I was mesmerized . . . David Meerman Scott was not only engaging but he was informative.  He spoke of the new rules of marketing and PR, and has a book of the same name. All I can say is if you have been a marketing professional for a long time--it's time to be open to a new way of thinking.  He explained that there is a serious difference in approach from on line and off line marketing.  He specifically spoke of cost-effective ways of getting in touch with the buyer directly with news releases, blogs, pod casting, viral marketing, and on line media.  Here's to viral marketing Mr. Scott!

Speaking of change, TSEA (Trade Show Exhibitors Association), the sponsors of the TS2 is going through major changes, one of which is adding local chapters to connect on a more personal level with their members.  If you would like to be part of creating a new chapter in your area then contact TSEA at  As a way of spending time with members and potential members they created a confession booth where exhibitors could tell their "Trade Show confessions." I have a confession only a sales manager could love:  While speaking with a representative from a company specializing in follow-up methods we made a bet as to who would be the first to follow-up after the show. . . I won!

Most of the exhibitors I spoke with said they thought it was a profitable show.  As someone who trains booth staff in the best practices of booth behavior to generate qualified leads, I observed the people with the best mind-set seemed to be the most satisfied with their show results.

As for me, as an attendee, I met great people, learned a lot, and joined the TSEA.

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Not Herding Cats!

"It was like herding cats."  That's how a friend described her many futile attempts to gather the design firm booth staff for a pre-convention training.


My friend was truly impressed with the Marketing Director's plan and did her utmost to schedule a training class. In the session they could decide who would attend which course or tour; talk about the best ways to approach and qualify potential clients, get the firm's name out; and organize post-show follow-up.

 Alas, these sales representatives just couldn't be pinned down - they knew it was a great idea and that it would benefit them, but they just couldn't seem to commit.  My friend had the feeling that many of them figured they'd run into each other in the hallways and put together a plan of action that way.  In the end, a meeting was calendared, but only a few people came.

I think the one thing the Marketing Director could have done differently - that would have made a pre-show training really work - was to bring in an expert trainer.  Here's why:

The show and sales support staff would be much more inclined to make themselves available, if they know an outside trainer is coming on a specific date and time.

Sometimes employees are more apt to listen to someone from the outside than someone they take instruction from on a daily basis.

An outside trainer can offer fresh insight, expertise and the opportunity to engage all sales support staff without interruption. It lends importance to the trade show.

In the end the exhibitors weren't happy with the number of leads they gathered, and they didn't even follow up on those they did receive.  My friend and her boss are still trying to schedule a time when the attendees will report on their courses and tours to everyone else in the office.  Preparing for a show should never be compared to herding cats!

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So Busy, I didn't see the Real Liberty Bell!

FREE Offers

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September 13th ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) San Gabriel Valley chapter- with Scott Brown: Out of the Loop? Out of a Job

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Listen 2 Sell: Presentation skills for gathering qualified leads

Booth Display: Best practices to encourage attendees to stop, look and stay

Open to non-Arcadia Chamber members

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