Two Eyes, Two Ears, One Mouth

-Qualifying Buyers

Show opens and attendees filter in.  Someone stops in front of your booth.  How do you know if they are a prospective customer or just interested in your giveaway?  If you observe the person’s behavior and ask the right questions, you can figure out who is (and who isn’t) a qualified buyer.

How well you qualify buyers depends on your presentation and sales skills.  You have 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth, and you need to use them in that proportion.  It’s important to show an interest in everyone who walks by, since many attendees do not make the first move to ask you a question.  They may be shy or not know what to ask. 

Many times a prospect will slow down in front of your booth and glance at your booth display, company name or description.  A little tip is to watch them -- their eyes move from the company name on your display to a booth representative or the inside of your booth -- you have a potential customer! 

Remember:  Time is the enemy when working behind the booth.  As an exhibitor you have less than 2 minutes to find out if they are a potential customer and build a relationship that is strong enough to leave the target prospect with the desire to continue to do business after the show. 

The best way to enter into a conversation with a prospect is with open-ended questions.  Get them to talk so that you can focus in on their needs and wants.  The stronger the relationship, the better the chance you’ll be able to sell them all that they need; and even better they may be willing to try new items that are exclusive to you.

Some opening questions to begin your relationship with your buyer are:

  • What brought you to this show today?
  • What have you seen at the show that caught your eye?
  • I see you are looking at XYZ Product:  What questions may I answer for you about this product?

Follow-up questions are just as important, because they show the buyer you want to know more about what interests them. In the following Newsletter we will discuss “building the relationship” or “what to ask after you have asked the opening questions”.

Quality leads = Qualified leads.

Qualified leads = Post Show Sales.

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