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Two Eyes, Two Ears, One Mouth – Qualifying Buyers

Best 5 Tips for Traveling

Sore Feet can Ruin Your Whole Day

Are Trade Shows Really Worth It?

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Two Eyes, Two Ears, One Mouth

-Qualifying Buyers

Show opens and attendees filter in.  Someone stops in front of your booth.  How do you know if they are a prospective customer or just interested in your giveaway?  If you observe the person’s behavior and ask the right questions, you can figure out who is (and who isn’t) a qualified buyer. Click here to discover information about qualifying buyers. 

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Ruth F. Failer

If you have additional tips for traveling or trade shows drop me an email at We may feature them in the next issue with your name and web site.

Best 5 Tips for Traveling:

  • Pack hanging clothes in dry cleaner plastic bags. When you get to your hotel room, lift off the bag immediately to loosen any wrinkles.
  • Use dry cleaner bags when folding clothing. Allow a small amount of air to enter the bags.
  • Use tissue paper when folding items. Great for silky items.
  • Hang clothes in the bathroom when you take a shower – this will steam out the wrinkles.
  • Stuff shoes with nylons or socks to keep their shape as well as to save space in your suitcase.

Check the August newsletter for more “Best 5 Tips.” 

Sore Feet Can Ruin Your Whole Day!

I remember too well the time my office receptionist broke Tip #1 (Wear Comfortable Shoes), and it was not a pretty sight.  It was the first time “Mary Jane” was helping out in a trade show booth.  I instructed her that she needed to wear comfy shoes and she looked at me like I’d just lost my mind.  She showed up looking fabulous, wearing a skirted suit and modest blouse, her makeup was just right, and she had on her feet a pair of very stylish, very high-heeled pumps.  At that point, all I could do was hope for the best. This story gets better. . . Click here 

Bandaged Feet

Tips of the Trade Tip #1 –                Wear Comfortable Shoes


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Are Trade Shows Really Worth It?

 Hundreds of new prospects gathered in one place.  More than half of them have traveled over 400 miles, another third at least 200 miles.  They are motivated buyers – they have paid registration fees, hotel rooms and travel expenses.  If you have chosen the right show then there is a strong possibility they will be interested in your products and services.  And more and more of them are coming hourly to your booth.

No, you’re not daydreaming.  You’re envisioning some of the many benefits that trade shows can bring to your business.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (“CEIR”) studies trends in the exhibition business.  They report on surveys of attendees on a variety of topics.  See right column for CEIR’s recent findings:

With a well-trained and motivated team, a well arranged booth, and the right approach, you will find a trade show can be a great return on investment.  

Trade show booth

Among the CEIR’s recent findings:

More than three quarters of all qualified attendees are potential customers for exhibiting companies

54% of all attendees travel more than 400 miles and 31% travel over 200 miles

The number of attendees in the first three months of 2008 (the most recent period studied) was up 2-1/2% from the same time last year.

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