From Ruth to customers:

Thank you for telling me about your company, your passions, and your desires for a better, more profitable company.  Wherever I go I think about ways I can enhance your business, asking questions of other company principals just like you, participating in workshops to learn more about your business-and mine. My company goal is to bring more qualified buyers to your business.

Face your marketing challenges

Why Hire a Trade Show Expert?

Choose a Marketing Company that’s Right For You


If you enjoy doing the “work” but dread trying to figure out how to get and keep the business for your company you may need a marketing firm. There are many to choose from. Each one has a strength and a philosophy for doing business.  Face to face marketing (trade show exhibiting) takes a trade show expert who knows and understands the elements of blending your whole company with the expo experience to bring about a profit.  


Exhibiting is an investment that should bring about a positive return. Results are not instantaneous.  It takes a commitment from your whole company-be sure they are involved.

Show and Tell Just Got Serious!

Exhibitor Workshops

Tips of the Trade has determined the best way to engage employees is through active involvement. At a Tips of the Trade interactive experiential workshop, your staff wonʼt sit passively watching a PowerPoint presentation while the trainer reads out lists of information. Instead, your sales support staff will learn by doing: role playing, participating in structured activities, answering and asking questions, and offering suggestions. Working with experiences in the room the workshop is facilitated not dictated.  Your employees will leave the room filled with the enthusiasm and expertise to generate more sales and retain more customers.

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Ruth F. Failer

Tips of the Trade Tip #35: Be professional at all Times.

When prospective buyers see you they see your company. So whether you're talking to co-workers in the restroom, participating at an industry event, or simply riding the elevator, every word and action represents your company. The minute you board a plane bound for the show, or enter the front door of the store, it is show time!

Show and Tell Just Got Serious!

Exhibitor Workshop Topics include:

  • Pre-show Marketing
  • Best Practices in Boothmanship 
  • Branding and Your Booth Appearance
  • Identifying Your Target Customer
  • Giveaways for Trade Shows
  • Gathering Leads
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Follow-up
  • Customer retention

Workshop Topics include:

All types of businesses:

  • Identifying Your Target Customer
  • How and Where to Find Customers Targeted to YOUR Business
  • How and When to Follow-up
  • Customer Retention After the First Sale

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