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The DHF Report: Summer 2007

Who will bring the Buyers?

By Ruth Fell Failer

As an exhibitor in an upcoming trade show, you might be counting on someone else to bring buyers to the convention. After all, you spent a lot of money on “real estate” in a prime location not to mention booth display, travel costs, and glossy four color handouts. In your booth, well-lit showcases are filled with the complete line of merchandise. Promotional giveaways have your company logo printed all over them. It might be assumed that people should be lining up outside the booth to buy what you have to offer.

There is more to the trade show experience then people standing behind a booth. Whether you are exhibiting at your first show or a veteran exhibitor, include your staff and take a look at your plan for business. In order to attract new prospects and existing customers, be sure there is a pre-show marketing campaign. Your booth layout, exhibit, and display should do everything to enhance your company image and branding. If outside sales representatives are selling in the booth, are they aware of the differences between on the road selling and at the show selling? If not, how will you increase sales? Before the show begins be sure you staff is ready to handle the aftermath. Follow-up immediately after the exhibition is the key to retaining customers. The whole company is the key to bringing buyers to the trade show.

You may contact Ruth by visiting her web site: or email her.

Previously with David H. Fell & Company Inc., Ruth Fell Failer has launched a trade show consulting and solutions firm. Tips of the Trade offers interactive workshops and individualized coaching in sales, boothmanship (booth etiquette), pre-show marketing, and post show follow-up. Her cliental include exhibitors, trade show organizers, association members and retailers in all industries.




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