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Tips of the Trade presents opportunities for show organizers and associations to assist exhibitors in bringing more qualified buyers to their exhibit and hence the whole trade show. Exhibitors have the option to learn firsthand best practices to increase sales, attract qualified prospects, enhance company image and retain customers.

As an exhibitor in an upcoming trade show, you might be counting on someone else to bring buyers to the convention. After all, you’ve spent a lot of money on “real estate” in a prime location; not to mention booth display, travel costs, and glossy four color handouts. You’ve stocked a complete line of merchandise in the well lit showcases and the company promotional giveaways have your logo printed all over them. It might be assumed that people should be lining up outside the booth to buy what you have to offer.

If they are not beating the proverbial booth door down, ask yourself some questions.

Do you know the market and customers that you are targeting?
Are you inviting those customers to your booth?
Do they know you have the merchandise they are looking for?
Will they just walk by your booth on their way to an appointment? Or…
Is their next appointment with you?

Tips of The Trade offers coaching, consulting and training through presentations and experiential workshops. We emphasize marketing, staff preparation, boothmanship (booth etiquette), transitioning sales and following up on leads.

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